Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

2024 Winter Registration is now open

All Players, officials and volunteers MUST be registered before the metro season starts.

If you are new to Ryde please contact the club via before undertaking a registration.

This page is for players who will be participating in the Sydney Metropolitan Competition only.  Registration for Junior DevelopmentLearn to Play Polo, or Tournaments is under our Events page.

Registering with our Water Polo (WP) club enables you to play water polo for the Ryde Rhinos WP (Water Polo) Club, and membership with our peak sporting bodies:  WP Australia and WP NSW for the October to September season and covers players Association Ínsurances.

To complete your player registration choose ONE of the following payment classes and select RENEW (if you have a WP National ID #) or NEW (you're new to Water Polo entirely) at the bottom of this page:

Registration Type Ryde WP Fees WP NSW & Aus Fees
A: Club Supporters, Table Officials, Managers $0 $0
I: Non-Playing Coach $0 $44.98
J: Non-Playing Referee $0 $44.98
WJ: Winter Juniors (U12s) $210 $110.87
WY: Winter Youths (U14-18s) $340 $110.87
WS: Winter Seniors (18+) $200 $117.02

Pool Entry is NOT included in the above -  Please note that the above fees do not include pool entry to the various aquatic centres you will enter for training or game days.  Normal player and spectator entry fees apply for all aquatic centres.  Multi-visit passes are available at Ryde Aquatic Centre please make enquiries with the front desk.  Fitness Passport is accepted at Macquarie Uni Aquatic.

Fee Structure:

The Club Management Committee undetake a thorough review of the Clubs finances to arrive at the season's fee structure:

  • Capitation Fees – These fees are set by WP Aus and WP NSW and provide insurance cover and support by the Governing bodies.

  • Pool Hire – The most significant cost to Clubs for training sessions and Metro games.  We utilise Ryde Aquatic Centre and Macquarie Uni Aquatic Centre for training sessions and pay fees to WPNSW for pool hire for all metro games.

  • Coaching – Our Club has a commitment to ensure quality coaching to develop and grow our members.  To attract and retain our quality coaches they are paid for the service they provide to our members. We also have volunteer coaches that provide their time free to the club which we are appreciative of.

  • Metro Competition Costs – Fees are charged for all Team Entries, Referees and also Pool Controller fees except Div 2.

  • Equipment – Caps and Balls are supplied to all teams for the Metro competition as well as equiprment for all training sessions.

  • GST – All fees are inclusive of GST.

If you have any further queries please contact our Club Registrar:

Jamie Nigel

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