Welcome to the Policy page which provides members with transparency on the policies that apply to water polo clubs and their communities.

Ryde Water Polo Club is an affiliated NSW Water Polo Club and as such all policies of Water Polo NSW and Water Polo Australia apply to participants.

Water Polo NSW provides  a code of conduct for the various stakeholders that are involved in the game of water polo. Check your code of conduct out by clicking on the links below:-

The Water Polo NSW Member Protection Policy underpins the Think.Act.Play program. [Click here] to view a copy of the policy.

Athletes Code of Conduct [click here 

Parents/Spectators Code of Conduct [click here]

Coaches Code of Conduct' [click here]

Manager/Volunteer's Code of Conduct' [click here

Officials Code of Conduct' [click here]  

General Liability for Amateur Sports [CLICK HERE]

Water Polo Australia policies can be viewed [Click here].


Organisational & Policy Context: Ryde Water Polo Club is an affiliated NSW water polo club. Our parent organisations are Water Polo NSW and Water Polo Australia. The policies and codes of conduct of these organisations apply to members and supporters of Ryde Water Polo Club (RWPC).

By agreeing to the Ryde Water Polo Club's terms of registration you further agree:-

  • Agree to uphold the club values and good standing of the club and respect all club and association officials;
  • You give permission for photographs that you may be in to be used by RWPC for promotion of the club including but not limited to website, print and social media eg. Facebook. RWPC will not release any personal identifying information of juniors  unless prior consent is given by the parent/guardian.
  • You understand that water polo is a strenuous physical activity and is a contact sport;
  • In the case of emergency, you authorise program staff to (when the participants emergency contact is un-contactable) to arrange for the participant to receive emergency medical treatment, as may be deemed necessary, which may include ambulance transport and drugs administered by a registered medical officer, while the participant is registered with the club. You agree to pay any medical costs that are incurred by registered participants of the club that receive medical treatment include ambulance transport costs.
  • You understand that although RWPC and its service providers attempt to minimise the risk of personal injuries as far as practicable, accidents do happen and you acknowledge there is an inherent risk that participants may experience injuries in the course of playing and training for water polo.

RWPC makes every effort to provide a safe environment for members whilst participating in the game of water polo. 

If you do not agree to terms for participants you will not be able to complete your registration.

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